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Coinslot - New pound coin UK

New quid on the block set to hit UK streets

Mar 22, 2017Comments off

The UK will finally see the introduction of the new 12-sided pound coin next week, and although the transition for operators is proving costly, improved

Coinslot Lords Crime Bill FOBTs AGC Forum

Bacta chief executive addresses Westminster...

Mar 22, 2017Comments off

The chief executive of Bacta, John White, took the opportunity to address decision makers in the political centre of the country this week, as he

Coinslot - Butlin's VAT school holiday

Butlin’s boss calls for school holidays V...

Mar 22, 2017Comments off

Dermot King has once again issued calls for a reduction in leisure VAT, suggesting that impeding school holidays would be ripe for experimentation.   The

Coinslot - Rank Group Carers trust charity landmark

Rank Group hits £1.5m charity fundraising ...

Mar 21, 2017Comments off

The Rank Group Plc has reached the milestone fundraising amount of £1.5million for its chosen charity, Carers Trust.   The Rank Group Plc, which owns

Coinslot - Merlin entertainment profit milestones 2020

Merlin committed to profit growth and new a...

Mar 20, 2017Comments off

Merlin Entertainments’ latest financial results show that the company has enjoyed profit growth in 2016 and is on track to meet its 2020 milestones.  

Coinslot - GambleAware Anthony Kessel board

GambleAware makes new appointments to board

Mar 17, 2017Comments off

GambleAware has appointed Professor Sian M. Griffiths OBE, Professor Anthony Kessel and Chris Pond as trustees on its board.   After a recruitment process that

Coinslot - Google digital skills programme seaside tourism

Google launches bespoke digital skills prog...

Mar 16, 2017Comments off

Inadequate digital skills can be a real barrier when it comes to growing visitor numbers, but Google’s new initiative aims to help seaside business take

Coinslot - Irish Tourism post Brexit

Record breaking Irish tourism may need help...

Mar 16, 2017Comments off

Following record tourism figures for 2016, Itic is calling on politicians to support its call for more funding in the face of Brexit.   Irish

Coinslot - Blackpool Police Olympia Amusements Cleveleys appeal

Blackpool Police appeal for help with Cleve...

Mar 16, 2017Comments off

Following a theft at Blackpool’s Olympia Amusements on 23 January, local police have released CCTV images in an appeal for help.   Amusements operators in

Coinslot - Lord Marlesford Fate of pubs peer UK

Peer calls for local communities to have mo...

Mar 13, 2017No Comments

Pub conversions have been called into question by Lord Marlesford who wants more input from local residents with regards to their fate.   Lord Marlesford,

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