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Coinslot - kiddie rides burnham pier

Providing variety and quality at the forefr...

Aug 16, 2017Comments off

With a motorbike, a helicopter, a fire truck and a 4-seater spaceship, Burnham Pier proudly displays its variety of kiddie rides at the forefront of

Coinslot - Whitby pier

Whitby Pier work progresses amid political ...

Aug 16, 2017Comments off

Scarborough Borough Council has announced updates on the long-awaited maintenance of Whitby’s piers. However, campaign group Fight 4 Whitby and local operator Mark Miller believe

Coinslot - World of Rides

All rides powered by play say World of Ride...

Aug 16, 2017Comments off

Three to twelve-year-old children continue to remain one of the biggest single influences in choosing a family holiday or dayout destination, and battery rides remain

Coinslot - Kiddie Rides JNC Sales Sam Coleman

Coleman discusses bright future for evolvin...

Aug 16, 2017Comments off

Having built on historically solid performances with technological innovations and licence acquisitions, the kiddie ride market is not one to be underestimated for profitability, comments

Coinslot - BALPPA Conference

BALPPA Conference to conclude season

Aug 15, 2017Comments off

BALPPA will be putting a close to the summer season at its Autumn Conference on 12- 13 October.   The society, which represents the interests

Post-Brexit staycations remain high as Brit...

Aug 15, 2017Comments off

Staycations have continued to surge a year after Brexit, with nearly half of Britons taking a holiday within the country in 2017, according to a

Coinslot - JNC Sales Family Telephone Box

Family Telephone box stands out this summer

Aug 15, 2017Comments off

One of standout machines so far this summer at the JNC Sales warehouse has certainly been the Family Telephone Box crane, a two player unit

Coinslot - Pharaoh's Amusements Henry Farr

The Pharaoh’s wishlist: Contactless a...

Aug 15, 2017Comments off

In Ancient Egypt, from the twelfth dynasty onward, the word Pharaoh appears in a wish formula: “Great House, may it live, prosper, and be in

Coinslot - SB Machines Paolo Sidoli

Advancing the kiddie ride cash box with SB ...

Aug 15, 2017Comments off

SB Machines have earned their reputation as pioneers of the kiddie ride genre. Quarter of a century on, this status remains as high as ever

oinslot - Ohio

UK operators close six rides following Ohio...

Aug 15, 2017Comments off

Despite all attractions having been “thoroughly inspected” in the past year, six pendulum-like rides have been closed as a safety precaution after tragedy struck a

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