Coinslot - General Election BBPA

BBPA to use General Election to focus on se...

Apr 18, 2017Comments off

The BBPA will highlight key issues for brewing and pubs in coming months following the announcement of a General Election on June 8, 2017.  

Coinslot - populism comment

The rise of populism across the industry ca...

Apr 17, 2017Comments off

A regional show is coming to a town near you soon. Samuel Spencer sings the praises of a new wave of populism on the industry

Coinslot - Operators comment

Operators investing to break the bank for s...

Apr 16, 2017Comments off

Operators investing heavily in time for bank holidays and the wider summer season may not seem the most surprising of news, but this year the

Coinslot - Corbyn

Corbyn pledges to scrap quarter year report...

Apr 15, 2017Comments off

Jeremy Corbyn has set out Labour’s business objectives in a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses, with quarter year reports and business rates reform

Coinslot - Wind views

Are industry views just whistling into the ...

Apr 15, 2017Comments off

The Gambling Commission has issued its new business plan amid a chorus of tell us your views. But, questions Ken Scott, are they programmed to

Coinslot bacta John white inflation

Keeping up with inflation and righting an &...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

John White, CEO of Bacta, provides an overview of the trade association’s inflation wishlist for B3 machines in the current triennial review, putting the question

Coinslot - FOBT bacta study academics B2

Academics study into FOBT impact revealed

Apr 05, 2017Comments off

A recent study into the effects of reducing the maximum permitted stake on FOBT machines hit a blow to the gambling genre. So what did

Coinslot - Holiday Council Tax

Keeping the holiday dream alive in face of ...

Apr 05, 2017Comments off

The council tax revisions are going to play havoc with the industry if the local authorities are not kept in check. New Coinslot editor Samuel

Coinslot - Family run Stergides

Good family fun strikes a chord this week

Apr 05, 2017Comments off

With Brexit negotiations now on the table, Ken Scott argues that it’s time to remind the Government of the family run companies and small businesses

Coinslot - Pub industry UK Brexit

Positive outlook for a very British pastime...

Apr 04, 2017Comments off

Last summer’s Brexit vote may have left many pub owners facing uncertain futures, but diligent work from industry leaders and trade bodies have shored up

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