Oasis Amusements praises the simplicity of Playsafe Systems’ Click MMS

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Scott Roberts has pronounced himself “very pleased” with Playsafe Systems’ Click, having installed the machine management system at Oasis Amusements in Hemsby and connected 52 machines with the software.


The director of Hemsby’s Oasis Amusements has said he is “very pleased” with Playsafe’s Click machine management system, praising the product’s ease of use and real-time data provision.

Scott Roberts currently has 52 machines connected to the Click system, with more than 30 incorporating TITO functionality, and stated the MMS ensures seamless operation across his machine estate.

“My previous management system had too much functionality for me,” said Roberts. “With Click I am finding some of the tasks I need to do – such as adding a new machine – are so much easier. I can do it quickly without having to call Playsafe for advice and assistance.”

“What I really enjoy about using Click is that I can see right away what each machine is taking – live, on the hour. It’s simple to navigate and I know how to find the information I need to make better operating decisions.”

With Roberts planning to take time away from the arcade this winter, he will also use Click’s remote functionality to keep track of the business and performance of machines.

“To be able to log in and see how things are going is a real benefit when I have to be away from the arcade. I look forward to eventually having the same functionality from my phone.” He added that another benefit of the system is the flexibility of pre-collection. “There are no data downloads, I can see what notes I have in what machines. If I have to top up my PayStation, I can take some cash from a machine, make a note of it on the system and it will all tie up later on. It saves me having to do a full collection, which I really appreciate.”

Welcoming the positive response, a spokesperson from Playsafe invited fellow operators to try Click, and witness for themselves the system’s capabilities. And that opportunity will come at the upcoming ACOS show where Playsafe will be taking a stand.

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