Inspired step up the pace: “We see ourselves going from strength to strength over the next 18 months”

Lee Jefferson Inspired Entertainment
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There’s a real bounce in the step of Inspired Entertainment as they start the roll out of a vigorous programme of new product and data collation initiatives amongst other things. Lee Jefferson, Commercial Development Director, talks to Coinslot about Inspired’s highly anticipated new cabinet, Vantage, and the extensive turnkey solution it brings with it. “We are extremely confident, not just in the pub business but also in our content and solutions,” says Jefferson. He explains why.


Coinslot: Inspired has an investment plan for the UK pub business. You’ve identified this as a growth area for the business; what kind of investment are we looking at and what timescale are you aiming for?

Lee Jefferson: We are investing significant time and effort in developing new Cat C products – especially a new cabinet, Vantage, which we plan to start testing in Q4 2022 for a 2023 launch.

Vantage won’t be just a new cabinet, but a fully server-based gaming (SBG) solution that will drive our future digital offerings for the pub sector.

Additionally, we have a strong focus on our current platform and are working through enhancements that will benefit our customers and strengthen our leading position within the market.

It’s not just about our core gaming areas. We are supporting initiatives around our contactless pool strategy, which we know is a key requirement for players and our customers alike.

Finally, since people are the essential component organisational growth, we have launched several training and development programmes to help and support our team members.

Coinslot: Cat C is obviously on the Inspired agenda – what can the pub sector expect to see with Inspired’s SBG solution?

Lee Jefferson: We believe the Vantage cabinet will deliver a significant step change to current offerings across the UK Cat C sector.

A true SBG product that aligns all the benefits server based- gaming will be a first for the UK market. This isn’t only a new cabinet – it’s a turnkey solution that supports quicker access to content, reportage and business insight as well as increased uptime through remote fixes and software updates.

Coinslot: You already have a strong reputation for SBG and data collation. How will you expand on this in the investment program?

Lee Jefferson: By embracing the best of what we do in other sectors and bringing this tool kit to the Pub sector.

We have a bespoke Insight team that will also work with our customers, bringing a laser- focused approach to how we manage our deployed assets.

Understanding what is played, when it’s played and why it’s played will allow us to help customers improve their machine management.

We are also working on enhancements to support this and improve our customers’ access to their own data, along with some exiting product developments that will add further benefits.

We hope to say more about that about soon.

Coinslot: Social responsibility is moving to the top of the UK agenda, especially with the new gambling review coming out in the next few weeks. What’s the Inspired strategy in this area – how do you plan to take SR to the next level?

Lee Jefferson: Inspired is committed to ethical and sustainable practices that will sustain our business over time. We are looking closely at the social, economic and environmental impacts of how we do business, with the goal of improving sustainability for us and our customers.

Coinslot: Cashless payments are the next wave for the industry. How is Inspired building this into its strategic plan?

Lee Jefferson: It’s an essential part of our product offer, and we have integrated with our major partners in this space. We offer our customers choice, and we support their needs.

Coinslot: Finally, we should take stock of the economic situation both in the UK and globally. Inspired’s investment program is a major boost to both the domestic industry and the economy. You must have strong confidence in both the pub sector and clearly your own product portfolio?

Lee Jefferson: We are extremely confident, not just in the pub business but also in our content and solutions.

This year our development teams have created content roadmaps and have been releasing content in ways that encompass the breadth of Inspired’s market-leading content houses, embrace true omnichannel game launches to reach consumers who play across sectors, and give players the content they know and love in other formats.

You can see our commitment in the strong product development roadmap we are working with our customers on.

We see ourselves going from strength to strength over the next 18 months.

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