Keeday Leisure set for “best year” amid £2m capital expenditure programme

Charles Baker Keeday Leisure
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Keeday Leisure is looking ahead to a profitable 2022, with the legacy supplier halfway through a £2m capital expenditure programme that will significantly expand its digital machine estate.


Leading independent machine supplier Keeday Leisure has reported that it is enjoying one of the “best years” in its 62 year history, as the market continues to recover from the long- term impacts of the pandemic. With the firm now halfway through a £2m capital expenditure programme, Coinslot spoke to joint-MD Charles Baker about the responsibilities – and opportunities – of leading a heritage supplier in the modern market.

“We’re very buoyant about the marketplace,” said Baker. “We’ve had a refreshing bounce out of Covid, and came out of it extremely positively. Lockdown was terrible like it was for everyone, but we kept all our staff and came back investing immediately, and so for us it was just like a pause – painful, but ok.”

“We’ve bounced back very well, and we’ve had one of our best years over the last 12 months. We always reinvest, we’ve reinvested in the business every year, but this year will probably top all years.”

The investment is mainly focused on expanding the firm’s digital gaming offer, including a major deal to supply Innov8’s Illusion cabinet for the Cat C market, which features an eyecatching curved 43” vertical monitor.

“It’s the first dedicated curved machine designed for the UK pub sector, so the experience is just on another level. When you play on two screens, you always feel there’s a disconnect, but the curve experience is phenomenal.”

With the Illusion currently “at the top of the national league tables,” Keeday is continuing to deliver on its hard earned reputation as a leading supplier, with Baker noting that the firm’s history is a central factor in its onward momentum, as well as the dedication of its staff.

“The foundations of Keeday are solid, loyal staff, passion about the business, and hands on management. We haven’t had staffing issues, people like working for us and have been very loyal.”

“Coupled with that, we have access to the products; we can supply all the terminals that our competitors supply, but we have our USPs as well. Now retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the strength of independent operators”

With £1m already invested by Keeday this year in a series of market-leading products – including 50 Curve jukeboxes from NSM Music – the company’s impressive legacy also allows a market insight and scope, with Baker noting “our long term view is always five, ten years, it’s not two years, and that makes a big difference.”

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