Soundnet unveils new Fast Pass Feature to boost profits

Soundnet TouchTunes Fast Pass Feature
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TouchTunes customers are benefiting from a unique feature on their jukeboxes which allows customers to pay more to get their song played quicker.


Fast Pass is an option which can be activated by the operator – which moves the desired track up the queue. “It can be frustrating for customers to wait for several tracks to be played before their’s and this gives them the option to pay extra to get the gratification of hearing their choice quicker,” says Soundnet’s sales and marketing director, Toby Hoyte.

“It’s just one of those extra features we build into our jukeboxes to give them that edge and increase earning power for operators.”

Fast Pass is available both on the App and for cash purchases on the jukebox and customers seem to enjoy having the ‘upgrade’ option available to them.

According to Marc Bird of Leisureplay, who already uses the Fast Pass on his jukebox estate, the feature is gaining more and more traction in 2022. “We have always used Fast Pass,” he says, “but in recent months I have really started to work with our sites to try and get the juke income up.”

“Fast Pass is a great tool and feature on the TouchTunes jukes. The basic feedback I am getting is that some customers in the sites are more than happy to pay twice to get their track pushed to the top of the song queue. In some sites we have seen Fast Pass plays boost takings by around 15 percent.”

TouchTunes/Soundnet works with operators to maximise their jukebox revenues, supporting jukeboxes already in operation and even providing solutions to bring older digital models back on site with booster packs and upgrade kits. “We see jukeboxes as a longterm investment and the build quality ensures that operators should be able to earn good returns for them for a number of years,” Hoyte added. “Whenever you buy a jukebox from us you can rest assured it will be supported in the years to come.”

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