New sky swing ride planned for Blackpool’s South Pier

South Pier sky swing Ride Blackpool Pier Company
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The Blackpool Pier Company has submitted new plans to install a 130 ft ride on the South Pier, to enhance the attraction’s reputation as “a centre for modern entertainment.”


The Blackpool Pier Company has submitted plans to install a new 130 ft sky swing on the South Pier, replacing the recently removed bungee-powered Sky Screamer.

According to the submission, the new ride will contribute to the “economic regeneration of the town” while aligning with the “more boisterous” atmosphere on South Pier.

“The vertical swing fairground ride has been purchased by The Blackpool Pier Company and is to be installed on the South Pier,” states the application. “The current Sky Screamer ride has been sold and has been dismantled to make room for the new ride.”

“The final location of the ride is to be confirmed, however, it will be broadly in the same location as the previous ride and the existing pier will need to be modified to support the new ride.”

The Zamperla-manufactured attraction was originally built in 2008, and “increases the range of facilities on offer, relates well to the other facilities on the pier, and reinforces the concentration of uses there.”

“The ride is one which has been used elsewhere in other ‘theme’ parks, and similar attractions and has been designed to be of a contemporary design to sit within the existing character of the pier as a centre for modern entertainment.”

“Aesthetically, the ride will not appear out of place on a pier which has a modern ‘arcade’ façade which is dominant, with the Victorian style design of the pier being subservient and seen only in the context of the pier as it traverses out to sea.”

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