Electrocoin ready to roll-out next shipment of Mr Do Air Balls

Mr Do Air Balls redemption in Electrocoin in Factory
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There’s a new container en route to the UK, shipping Electrocoin’s latest redemption hit Mr Do Air Balls which is winning widespread approval in venues across the country.


Due to dock in the next two to three weeks, the popular prize vending and ticket redemption game has already caught the attention of operators with orders booked with Electrocoin all the way through to September.

And it’s a game that has impressed industry veteran John Stergides snr who is particularly enthused by the latest Mr Do Air Balls product. “It’s a very special game,” he told Coinslot.

“It’s a real family machine; it’s the one that is really managing to draw parents in to play alongside their kids. It’s got huge family appeal.”

That popularity was clearly evident at Park Avenue Open Day in early June when operators were confirming orders during the one day event. But the bookings for Mr Do Air Balls have not been limited to FECs, it’s a game that is crossing sectors – not least for its versatility being able to play in fun mode as well, and it is gaining traction in holiday parks, bowling centres and shopping malls.

“We’ll be sending the latest container out to venues for the summer push towards the end of the month and we’ve already booked a new shipment to meet more summer demand,” added Electrocoin’s John A Stergides.

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