World of Rides launch updated Laser Battle Bumper Cars

David Robinson World of Rides battery operates bumper cars
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World of Rides has launched its updated range of ‘parent and child’ twin seat soft impact Laser Battle Bumper Cars.

Designed for both kids and kids at heart, the 24v battery operated Laser Battle Bumper Cars allow riders to use lasers to hit the targets on the sides and back of the other cars, which are then forced to stop and spin before being allowed to move forward again and rejoin the battle.

“Our new Bumper Car range, which can be purchased with or without the Laser Battle features, are the new generation of the old dodgem cars, as the pressure in the impact tubes can be altered to provide more comfortable impacts by reducing the air pressure slightly,” explained World of Rides’ David Robinson. “This is one reason why traditional dodgem cars are rapidly losing popularity; due to their very hard impact and the fears from operators of whiplash injuries.”

With the Laser Battle features, the number of hits scored for each car can be logged on an optional digital display on the dashboard or they can be relayed onto larger external TV display screens to allow the public to be able to follow the progress of each car. The cars are all remotely operated by a new floor standing STOP/START controller allowing one or all the cars to be instantly stopped or restarted whenever required. This ensures riders can appreciate the attraction in complete safety, giving operators peace of mind that all guests enjoy the experience.

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