GPT confirms two new operator partnerships

GPT operator partnerships Game Payment Technology
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Game Payment Technology has confirmed two new operator partnerships in the form of SCA and Amusement Leisure, as the cashless payment provider builds on its rapidly-expanding network of UK firms seeking cost-effective solutions.


Cashless payment provider Game Payment Technology has announced partnerships with two new operators this week, having agreed installation deals with Southern Counties Automatics and Amusement Leisure.

The two firms join the 27 operators already GP-enabling their machines across the UK, with SCA director Wayne Dance hailing GPT as the “perfect solution” for its latest pool table installation at a Berkshire golf club.

“This particular golf club is making all of their services completely cashless and therefore demanded a cashless solution for their pool table,” said Dance. “They are not the only venue making this decision, so I am extremely pleased that I now have the perfect solution to offer my customers!”

SCA is a family-run business with over 93 years’ experience in supplying amusement and gaming machines across the South of England, and is one of the latest legacy companies to identify the future-proofing capabilities of GPT’s TR-SLU pool table solution.

GPT stated that its team has been “working hard to GP-enable as many machines as possible,” with customer satisfaction manager Raj Mistry on the road hand delivering TR-SLUs to help customers fit and configure the units.

Recent deliveries have included Ivor Thomas Amusements in Kent, and Touch-Tech Ltd in Bristol, as operators across the country respond to the growing trend for cashless.

For Touch-Tech, which supplies amusement machines throughout South-West England and South Wales, the GPT solution provides a key cost advantage over competitors.

“There is nothing else on the market like the TR-SLU,” said owner Pete Jenkins. “I’m excited to be one of the first operators offering a cost effective cashless payment solution for our customers’ pool tables.”


GPT Support delivers total satisfaction


GPT has revealed feedback for its Support Team has been 100 percent positive over the past year, with the average first response time for support requests just 1 hour and 39 minutes.

The company stated its operatives “pride themselves on the quality of service to both players and operators,” with customers “extremely satisfied” with technical and installation support.

“The Game Payment system has been running continuously for more than 800 days, without any break in service,” stated the company. “This portrays the engineering excellence and stability of the system, supported by robust processes and procedures, accredited to ISO9001 and 27001 standards.”

“With increasing numbers of machines, it is no surprise that use of the Game Payment app has shown exponential growth over the first half of 2022, with a 10 percent increase in player deposits, on average, month on month.”

GPT added that the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday saw the number of machines played increase by 51 percent, while player numbers rose by 66 percent compared to the corresponding period in May.

“This rapid growth looks set to continue throughout the second half of 2022, with a fresh new app, and more manufacturers making Game Payment available to their customers.”

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