Regal Gaming Technologies becomes the latest Merkur UK brand to benefit from G4 safer gambling insight

Sascha Blodau Merkur UK Regal Gaming Technologies
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Emphasising the adage that the pursuit of safer gambling is a journey without a destination, Merkur UK has commissioned industry experts G4 to advise on the policies and procedures that are in place at Regal Gaming Technologies.


Merkur UK, which has raised the industry bar in terms of setting new social responsibility standards for low stake low prize gambling entertainment has extended its safer gambling commitments to involve the entire team at subsidiary Regal Gaming Technologies. Regal, the leading operator and supplier of digital gaming equipment to the UK pub and leisure sectors, operates 15,000 pieces of equipment from nine regional depots. The team comprises some 360 employees, of which 80 percent are based in the field.

Merkur UK’s latest undertaking will see the internationally recognised Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) undertake an audit of the Responsible Gambling (RG) practices and procedures that are in place at Regal and recommend a programme of initiatives to address issues including RG training, customer support, recommendations for treatment services and RG marketing guidelines. The audit will be overseen by international responsible gambling expert, Pieter Remmers who founded the G4 consultancy and has worked on the development of policy in jurisdictions including the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Malta and Sweden.

Sascha Blodau, General Manager, Merkur UK explained the importance of adopting a holistic approach. He stated: “While no one at Regal is consumer-facing, our approach to safer gambling is to involve the entire team irrespective of their role. Having a clear understanding of what we mean by safer gambling improves awareness and helps establish a culture of responsibility that permeates every business that is part of Merkur UK. Regal is the second non-consumer facing part of the business to undergo the G4 audit and follows sister company Blueprint Operations.”

He added: “When we formally launched our safer gambling 360 Program in Autumn 2021 the aim was to deliver the most effective safer gambling undertakings in the industry in order to protect the very small percentage of players who may experience problems with gambling. We have made huge advances in this respect but we remain realistic and understand that safer gambling is a process that operators cannot simply switch on and off. Working with the experts at G4 is another example of what we are doing as a business to ensure that gambling entertainment remains enjoyable for all of our customers.”

The G4 Audit will take place in June with the results and recommendations subsequently presented to the Merkur UK senior management team.



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