Mumbles Pier identifies bowling vandals after social media appeal

Bowling neon sign Mumbles Pier
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Mumbles Pier has identified the vandals who had targeted and damaged the neon sign advertising its bowling lanes, after posting an appeal via social media.


After sharing an image of the culprits via its Facebook page, the pier welcomed the prompt response of the community in identifying those involved.

“Thank you to everyone who got in touch and named these boys pretty quickly,” said a spokesperson for the pier. “It’s much appreciated.”

“One of the men in the photo has now got in touch and has offered to help pay for the damage, which we are very grateful for.”

The incident saw the pier’s glossy Bowling neon – which sits above the attraction’s two lanes – intentionally smashed, before the group fled.

Following the identification of the men involved, the pier removed the original photograph catching the perpetrators in the act, in order to prevent “further embarrassment” after the damage is rectified.

“We have removed the original post to save any further embarrassment for what they agree was a senseless and stupid act of vandalism.”

“Mistakes happen. It’s how we react to them that counts.”

The update received 120 likes from members of the local community, with the Love Mumbles and Gower account commenting “great result.”

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