EAG start search for in-house exhibition team in earnest

EAG Bacta start search for in-house team
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EAG has started the search for a new team to drive the leading domestic trade show forward over the next decade.


The Bacta-owned expo company has advertised the two key posts – head of operations and sales manager – and interviews have already commenced for the positions.

EAG will be hoping to make the appointments by September with a view to the new team taking over the reins from Swan Events which has steered the growing fortunes of the event since its launch thirteen years ago.

“Our vision is to bring the operation back in-house,” EAG chairman Martin Burlin told Coinslot this week. “It makes sense for the long-term development of the show and opens up new avenues for us to expand the EAG brand with new events and networking initiatives.”

And there is a strong history of success for an events division at Bacta House: ATEI, ICE, ICEi is an impressive portfolio from the EAG stable.

For Burlin, the vision is clear. “We have a product that’s very mature and it’s time to develop our offering. We have a strong reputation and sphere of influence in this market and an important reach into aligned industries. The business model is a very enticing one and an exciting one for any candidate looking to join us.”

While the long-term aspirations remain fixed, EAG will be working to build an in-house operation this year. But the search for the right team is crucial, Burlin notes.

“The success of EAG, and ATEI and ICE before that, was based on the best team in the market. And that’s the key to this project – these are long-term appointments with a long term vision. We want the right people for the posts with ambitions to open up new avenues,” Burlin explained.

With interviews underway, and candidates currently applying for the posts, Bacta will be meeting in June to review progress and determine a timeline. In the meantime, sales and organisational matters will continue through the Swan Events offices to 31 August.

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