Clacton Pier undergoes extensive investment programme

Clacton Pier investment
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Clacton Pier is undergoing a period of “significant investment” this year, announcing a host of improvements to its ride offering, public areas and staff accommodation.


Clacton Pier has announced a programme of “significant investment” will be carried out this season, improving facilities for both customers and staff across the attraction.

Focused on the areas of the pier “left on the backburner” during recent projects, the investment will deliver improvements to both public-facing rides and staff accommodation.

“It is now time to look at refining some parts of our attraction and upgrading the overall look of what is a 150-year-old structure needing constant repair and maintenance,” said pier director Billy Ball.

“This will up our offer to customers – but also importantly benefit those who work for us and help make the pier what it is today.”

The project will provide improved accommodation for rides management, a training room, and an upgrade to the maintenance workshops, undertaken by both the in-house team and outside contractors.

The ride improvement programme also includes decorative theming to the rear of the log flume, new coin-operated battery cars and track for younger children, and a refurbishment of the ever-popular waltzer, costing more than £100,000.

The Maxwells of Scotland-built ride is more than 50 years old, and was installed inside the pier’s FEC in 1994 having been purchased from a park in Brighton. “I was here when they arrived,” said Ball.

“I was visiting the then owners and the waltzer has always been a firm favourite. We moved them to the outside ride deck when we built the soft play.”

The ride’s decorative panels are currently being prepared in-house, and will then be sent to specialist hand-painting firm London Art.

The new cars and track will be sited at the neck of the attraction, and are due to arrive at the pier from Italy before the end of the month.

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