Gareth Bale’s Bristol bar faces licensing opposition

Par 59 mini golf barcade
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Bristol residents have opposed football star Gareth Bale’s plans for a new Harbourside minigolf bar, prompting Bristol City Council to launch a licensing sub-committee hearing into the proposals.


Plans were lodged by the Par 59 brand on 25 February, requesting permission to remain open until 1.30am, however local leaseholders have stated the adults-only venue undermines the area’s family-focused licensing provision.

“With every new late night bar that opens, the noise and antisocial behaviour around the buildings get worse,” said David Mair, chair of the leaseholders association for Balmoral House and Waverley House.

“People can accuse us of nimbyism but there needs to be a balance between the interests of residents living in the city centre and the money-making concerns of business. Even the council admits this is not the case currently. It simply smacks of bad planning to allow late-night bar after late night bar to open, with all the accompanying issues this creates.”

The residents’ campaign highlights a change of use decision made by planners in 2020 for Millennium Parade which allowed Lane7 to open a venue, observing that the site now increasingly serves as a drinking establishment, rather than a family leisure facility.

The authority’s licensing sub-committee will meet this month.

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