Blackgang Chine welcomes two new rides

Blackgang Chine two new rides
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The UK’s oldest theme park – Blackgang Chine – has added two new rides.


Blackgang and sister park Robin Hill opened for the 2022 season on 19 March. And this year’s visitors will be able to enjoy two new rides, Evolution, a drop tower 400ft above sea level, and Shipwrecked, a rotating ride in the shape of boat.

As well as the new rides, visitors will get the chance to explore a new and improved underground tunnel.

“After a challenging couple of years, we’ve had to put a lot of creative ideas on hold, but now we’re ready to let loose,” said Dominic Wray, Blackgang Chine park manager. “We’ve got brand-new rides, dinosaurs, an underground tunnel, and a full calendar of events. The team have been working really hard, and we can’t wait to show everyone.”

Meanwhile, Robin Hill Country Park has welcomed its new Falconry Experience Centre. The new centre is set to become the home of 28 birds, across 16 different species.

“What a great opportunity this will give our guests to see the birds in their home setting with tailored falconry experiences,” stated James Crofts, Robin Hill park manager.

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