Sascha Blodau: ‘Technology status helps redefine perceptions of the industry’

Sascha Blodau Gauselmann
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Being recognised as a technology brand brings a raft of positives both in terms of what you can deliver but also how you are perceived by policy makers, customers and society at large. Merkur UK General Manager Sascha Blodau talks to Coinslot about the process.


“Pioneering exacting new standards in digital innovation” is how Merkur UK General Manager Sascha Blodau responded to the announcement that parent company adp Merkur had been named Digital Innovator 2022 in the IT company category of the annual awards programme organised by Chip, the influential German technology publication.

Expanding on the award which places the Gauselmann Group company alongside world-famous names including Miele, SAP and Continental, Sascha Blodau said: “To be spoken about in the same sentence as these famous brands demonstrates the calibre of organisations such as Merkur and confirms our status as a technology leader.”

He added: “It’s important to recognise that this award was made following an empirical study undertaken by Chip in partnership with market research agency Globis Management Consulting which examined every new digital patent application over the period 2018 – 2020. A total of 31,000 registrations were recorded, including 7,380 first-time registrations from 2,000 German companies with only ten per cent being ultimately recognised as Digital Innovators.

“I’m proud that it reflects the fact that we are a technology- driven company with all of the credentials found in internationally recognised consumer brands. From a UK perspective the most powerful manifestations of our technology status can be seen in the digital gaming machines developed by the team at Blueprint Operations as well as the huge advances made by Regal which recently nuanced its name to Regal Gaming Technologies to reflect the way that technology is fundamentally changing the way that it does business and helping it to grow machine income for its expanding customer base.

“The decision to connect all of our digital AWPS to our MARS system and what that has enabled in terms of data analysis and business-critical insight delivered in real time has elevated the Regal brand from being more of a traditional business to one that’s empowered and defined by its use of technology.

“The benefits of being recognised as a technology business also enhance our brand status, improve the perception of the industry that we work in as well as our ability to recruit new talent to the team. I believe it is an important strand to how the industry should position itself to broader internal and external audiences.”

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