Reflex completes testing of software-based support for Game Payment

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming GPT software final stages testing
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Reflex Gaming has become the latest manufacturer to integrate GPT software into its machines, completing the final stages of testing this month.


Reflex Gaming is the latest manufacturer to confirm that it has finalised testing of Game Payment on its Game Pro machines, using the company’s GBG EFT protocol.

The software-based solution will allow operators to facilitate cashless play on GBG-enabled machines without the requirement to install further hardware.

“Reflex Gaming is delighted to be able to offer our customers an additional way to take payment with the Game Payment app,” said Reflex MD Quentin Stott.

“I’ve been a firm supporter of GPT from the beginning, with constant innovation being unveiled and player numbers continuously increasing.”

GPT is already supported via GBG by Blueprint’s machines, and GPT has confirmed it will be announcing its availability on two other manufacturers’ gaming machines in “the very near future.”

In addition, Innov8 Gaming is also now shipping Game Payment-enabled machines, which utilise GPT’s non-GBG based software implementation.

“The range of options to enable Game Payment continues to increase,” said GPT director Tim Stratton. “Operators with internet-connected machines can use the GBG protocol. Unconnected digital machines can use our software solution, as Innov8 has done.”

He added: “Analogue gaming and non-gaming machines can use our SLU hardware units. The player experience remains the same across all machines.”

So far, 22 operators have made use of the flexibility and range of options from GPT to enable cashless play through Game Payment-enabled machines, and the company has revealed it expects to announce three more large operators within the next month, as well as “more exciting innovations throughout the year.”

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