Aztec Coin focused on bringing Playmore product range to UK market following EAG

Richard Monk Aztec Coin Playmore Operations
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Aztec Coin owner Richard Monk discussed the company’s new exclusive distribution deal with Playmore Operations which will see it supply the Ireland-based firm’s product range to the UK market.


Coinslot: How was this year’s EAG for Aztec Coin?

Richard Monk: We decided to attend for just one day this year due to work commitments back at our HQ and in particular the preparations to launch the new Playmore digital machine into market.

I thought it was a solid show but perhaps not as busy as expected considering we have been devoid of EAG for two years. Of course, the first and last days were not helped by the rail strikes!

Coinslot: What were some of your standouts at the show?

Richard Monk: As always, it was a colourful myriad of product with plenty of options for FEC operators.

Jet Pong and the interactive air hockey looked good with strong revenue potential. Nice to see some good contactless payment options coming through now with viable solutions for change machines and pool tables amongst others. As ever single site operators should have been able to find most core product to hand.

Coinslot: What was some of the headline news for you at this year’s EAG?

Richard Monk: I would definitely say our latest deal! We have a contractual distribution deal to supply Playmore digital product to the UK market. This will be circulated to our client base in the next few days and we are incredibly proud and excited to be part of this dynamic manufacturer and team of developers.

Coinslot: As the industry returned to EAG for the first time following the pandemic, what would you say were the key talking points at the show?

Richard Monk: As ever there is always a difference of opinion, some good, some bad, some average, but there were a few exhibitors bemoaning the lack of visitors.

I can fully relate to this as we have been exhibitors ourselves and the time effort and money is substantial. When you don’t get the return over the course of the show it can be a difficult pill to swallow but the orders can and do normally come post show. Given this, I felt it was a show Aztec should of done. We will certainly be there next year in force.

Coinslot: What are your focuses going forward this year?

Richard Monk: Again we have complete focus on the distribution and success of the exciting Playmore product range. Yes we have to ensure our own operation runs like clockwork, in addition our daily effort in terms of general used machine distribution to our loyal customers will never falter, however our main agenda is to sell promote and succeed with Playmore!

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