Paolo Sidoli: “Rides are becoming as important an attraction as a pusher, crane or redemption pieces”

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines EAG 2022 rides
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Paolo Sidoli, MD of SB Machines, explains that rides are playing an increasingly important role for amusement arcades and FECs, while the company will be on hand at EAG to present its latest multiseat innovations, Kangaroo Carousel, Hot Air Balloon and Wave Patrol.


Coinslot: How important is EAG 2022 for you?

Paolo Sidoli: The exhibition is fundamental to our business model because it sets the agenda for company sales for the year.

The exhibition permits us to meet clients we might not otherwise see. Face to face contact is always the best means of communication for customer and supplier alike.

When presenting products at an exhibition, we remove the worry from operators when it comes to deciding the appropriate rides for their premises. We want to reassure the customer that we have the best rides for market and this is the result of many months of research and testing.

CS: What are SB Machines’ highlights for 2022?

PS: The majority of our rides at the exhibition are multiseat, £2 per play with cashless option. Kangaroo Carousel, Hot Air Balloon and Wave Patrol are raising the bar once more in terms of ride experience, functionality and cashbox performance.

CS: How do you get your inspiration for rides?

PS: We take a lot of inspiration from the larger fairground rides manufacturers and we also cross reference ideas in the redemption amusements and video games sector.

CS: The UK seaside is a key driver for your rides sales. Why is this?

PS: The majority of our sales go to amusement arcades and FECs. Most of these premises are situated at the seaside. Footfall is high during peak season and low season weather permitting.

Our rides are well embraced by the seaside operator because aesthetically they look good, are well manufactured and incorporate the latest technologies.

This ensures that our products will have fewer downtimes and a longer operational and economic life.

FEC’s have increased in number and this has enabled many of our rides to be sited indoors. Rides are becoming as important an attraction as a pusher, crane or redemption pieces.

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