JNC Sales to spotlight Mini House crane at EAG

JNC Mini House Crane
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JNC’s new head of sales and marketing Rich Clarke highlights that while it boasts a small footprint, the two player crane punches well above its weight when it comes to performance.


JNC’s new sales and marketing manager Rich Clarke anticipates a strong showing at this year’s EAG, with the family-owned company spotlighting its Mini House crane, as part of its broad line-up of amusement machines.

“Following our successful debut of Mini House at ACOS, we’re pleased to show it at this year’s EAG and we anticipate a great response from attendees,” Clarke explained.

Suitable for smaller prizes, Mini House is available in stylish blue or pink cabinets. Boasting a small footprint – coming in at just 41cm x 61cm – the two player crane has already performed strongly at JNC’s own operations last year.

“Based on Mini House’s performance at one of our arcades last season, our clients can be confident in both its quality and value for money,” Clarke continued. “We saw it consistently take over £1,000 per week during the summer.”

The company will also present a varied selection of cranes and prize machines at the show, together with new redemption solutions and pushers.

Rich Clarke JNC SalesJNC celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and is now looking to lay the groundwork for a successful fifth decade in the business. The company launched back in 1981 as a partnership between father and son team, Maurice and John Clarke.

The firm is now headed by the third generation of the Clarke family, with John’s son Tom at the helm as MD. He has recently been joined by his brother Rich, who will head up sales and marketing.

Rich Clarke said that the company anticipates it will be “full steam ahead” this year, with EAG set to offer an opportunity to get the first quarter of 2022 off on a solid footing.

“We have a wide range of cranes and prize machines, with options and sizes to meet every need. I’m looking forward to meeting with new and existing clients at the ExCel this week,” he added.


Business Update

Maximising operators’ ROI

With the company presenting its product portfolio at EAG this week, the company’s sales and marketing manager Rich Clarke explains that providing quality amusements solutions which maximise operators’ return on investment is a core focus for JNC.


Coinslot: It’s been a stuttering start to 2022 due to Omicron, but you must be excited at the prospect of getting back on the show floor and getting down to talking business again?

Rich Clarke: Absolutely, it’s such an exciting year and season ahead. It really is full steam ahead now, and what a brilliant week we have at the EAG for it.

Coinslot: Looking to EAG, can you give us an idea of what visitors will be seeing on your stand this year?

Rich Clarke: We are particularly thrilled with our varied selection of cranes and prize machines. Options and sizes to meet all requirements, we are delighted that visitors will be able to see them for themselves. We also have a couple surprises in redemption, and a new wave of pushers too. Yes quite a bit!

Coinslot: Now the sales pitch – what are the ‘must-have’ reasons for customers looking to buy some of your products at EAG – is it their return on investment?

Rich Clarke: I’m glad you used the word investment. Our aim is to provide machines that look impressive, provide enjoyment and absolutely maximise return on investment.

EAG is our chance to showcase these machines, and let them do the talking.


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