David Purvis: ‘As a product-led, sales-driven organisation, the best quality you can have is the ability to listen’

David Purvis Blueprint Operations EAG 2022
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Experience has shown that the best performing gaming machines are the result of listening to and acting on the requests of customers which is why the Blueprint Operations team is going to EAG with its ears wide open and a desire to continue its formidable success.


David Purvis, Managing Director of Blueprint Operations, has confirmed that the sector-leading digital gaming brand is attending EAG with the primary objective of listening to the market and taking the pulse of the industry as it gears up for what he hopes will be a return to pre-pandemic operating. Speaking to Coinslot in the week prior to EAG he said: “Conventional wisdom would suggest that exhibitors attend shows with a metaphorical megaphone in hand and ready to make a big song and dance about their products but from my experience that’s not always the most effective approach.”

Instead, Purvis and the sales team led by Head of Corporate Accounts, Nicola Wallbank, will be using EAG as a platform to show a quartet of cabinets including the Alpha Trio, which will be making its exhibition debut, but also and as importantly to listen to its growing customer base. “I’m reticent to use the term because it was a dark and horrible period in many people’s lives but I think it’s true to say that Blueprint had a productive lockdown” he stated. “After the initial shock had subsided, I took the decision that we could either pull the duvet over our heads and wait for the cold winds of the pandemic to blow over or we could take the opportunity to re-examine what we had and how we went about our business.”

Blueprint took the brave decision to bring people back from full-time furlough quite early during the first lockdown and even though the company wasn’t selling machines it applied itself in preparation for the return of the economy and the return of the broadly based hospitality sector. “We spent a lot of time speaking with our customers and doing what the industry does best and that’s talking product” he explained. “On the basis that operators know their customers better than we ever can it made huge sense to listen to their needs, establish how we could perhaps nuance machines to meet those demands more accurately and wherever possible incorporate their suggestions in the product design. The outcome of this approach has been phenomenal and has confirmed that sometimes seemingly modest changes can have a significant impact on income. It’s part of the theory of marginal gains widely used in professional sport whereby the sum of a series of small changes can have a significant impact on performance.”

Looking ahead, the Blueprint MD believes the squeeze on household income caused by rising prices of food, fuel and heating will mean that games creators will need to be ever more creative. “Games design is constantly evolving but during economically difficult times the bar is raised. When the level of disposable leisure spend is under pressure players will be more discerning and will only play those games that are truly immersive and on cabinets that are user-friendly. By constantly listening to and responding to what the market is telling us we will go some way in ensuring that Blueprint games are the games of choice.”

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