flote.works to debut contactless solution for the amusement and vending industries at EAG

flote.works contactless payments
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flote.works will demonstrate its new retrofit, plug and play contactless payments solution at EAG in March. The company’s founder and MD Pete Paddick explains the product “has been designed and built by an operator, for operators.”


Over five years in the making, flote.works is set to unveil its new retrofit, plug and play contactless payments solution at EAG next week.

With almost three decades in the amusements industry, the company’s founder and MD Pete Paddick explains that he was inspired to create the product after he found no viable solution to put contactless payments on his pool tables when a client announced they were making their bars all cashless.

“I designed the product because at the time there was nothing else like it on the market,” Paddick stated. “It’s a solution that has been designed and built by an operator, for operators. We originally developed the pool table solution, which is the hardest solution to create, and since expanded it to the rest of this industry.

“That’s something which is very important to emphasise – flote.works’ product responds to what operators really need, as opposed to large companies telling the industry what it will have”

“We originally piggybacked off a QR code company, who eventually pulled out of the UK, so from there we designed and built the hardware and backend infrastructure from the ground up, and partnered with a company giving us the e-money licenses in the UK and EU, which gives us complete control.

“We have tried hard to make the operators’ journey as easy as possible, so operators can sign up and order online and start taking contactless payments 24 hours later, no matter the size of the operator.”

“There are great benefits for the end user too, as all non-gambling solutions are app free and the users can pay by Apple and Google pay. This makes it really easy for the user and increases the machines’ takes.”

The new solution from flote.works will be exhibited on the Wessex Coin stand (33) at EAG, while Paddick will be on-hand to answer any questions and inquires.

“After five years honing the product and having conducted a range of field trials, we’re excited to present it for the first-time at EAG,” he said. “We look forward to meeting with potential new clients and particularly having the opportunity to connect with all operators at the show. We’re confident they will be impressed by the benefits our solution can offer them.”

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