Higgitt keeps YouTube audience entertained with a fixating new Beyond the Edge episode

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YouTube channel Beyond the Edge has released the latest episode of its popular series The Higgitt Files, which follows the antics of Blackpool arcade owner and local personality Chris Higgitt.


In the most recent episode From Skegness with Love, Higgitt enlists the help of fruit machine designer and Skegness local Richard in order to fix the machines at his venue.

“What we’re doing at the moment is we’re just getting ready as we’re opening up a week on Saturday,” said Higgitt. “I’ve got here a friend of mine; this is Richard, from Skegness.”

“I’ve known Richard for years, and he’s an expert in arcade machines and bandits, and he’s actually the inventor and the guy who built the Big One.”

The extra large slot machine, which featured on a previous video documenting its move from the bingo hall to the arcade floor, is entitled Haworth’s Big Puller, and was also in line for a series of repairs.

Though Higgitt himself acknowledged the limits of his machine knowledge, he observed “as long as I’ve got people around me who know what they’re doing,” commenting on Richard’s ongoing efforts “he’s doing a great job, isn’t he? Well he will be if he gets it working again.”

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