Adventure Island debuts The Screature!

Adventure Island welcomes parking charge uturn and debuts The Screature
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Philip Miller, CEO of Adventure Island, has welcomed Southend Council’s recent decision to scrap plans for parking charges.


The council had planned to charge for parking on the seafront until 9pm, instead of the current 6pm.

“It just shows you what people power can do. It was an ill-thought-out scheme from day one. Times are hard. Folks are suffering with inflation taking its toll. Why would our leaders want to penalise people’s fun and relaxation?,” Miller stated.

Meanwhile, back at the park transportation matters were also a priority last week with Adventure Island issuing a request for models to ride the theme park’s latest attraction, The Screature!, on 17 February.

Participants received a wristband for all the park’s rides as well as a lunch voucher. However, there was a caveat, those taking part needed to be at least 1.3m (4ft 3 in).

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