Legacy machines given new life by Electrocoin

Legacy machines given new life by Electrocoin
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Electrocoin’s well-respected after sales division is continuing to prove that there’s no sell-by-date on a classic, with head of sales John A Stergides noting “if it wasn’t a top game, there wouldn’t be a need for refurbishment.”


With 45 years of experience developing and importing leading games from across the world to the UK, it’s no surprise that Electrocoin’s refurbishment division has a reputation for outstanding technical knowledge and service.

John A Stergides Electrocoin legacy machines refurbishmentAs the appeal of top-performing legacy cabinets shows no signs of slowing down, Coinslot spoke to the London-based supplier’s head of sales and marketing John A Stergides about what benefits refurbishment can bring to an arcade.

“A big part of our offering is to continually support Electrocoin games and products whilst supplying a good service,” said Stergides.

“But we also offer the refurbishment opportunity in particular to the gaming machines like the Bar X, Magic 10s, Bar- X Diamond and others, to extend the life of the games for as long as possible whilst using the same original software.”

“We are still supporting and refurbishing machines from the 80s, which are from nearly 40 years ago, as we have the experience and parts to do so.” Those machines not only remain popular and playable due to high-quality mechanics, but also Electrocoin’s ability to bring new life to classic cabinets at its Cardiff workshop, allowing operators to continue justifying the machine’s place on the arcade floor.

“The refurbishments provide a fresh look,” noted Stergides. “Some operators and players say our Bar X refurbishment work makes the machine look like they are of a recent production line.”

“Most importantly the refurbishment extends the life of the machine for many more years, which is imperative in today’s market where there are very few companies like Electrocoin that are still providing new games into the market.”

The refurbishment division also plays a key role in Electrocoin’s focus on after sales, which sees the supplier continue to support customers far beyond the point of sale. “We believe our games are some of the best if not the best – like the Bar X – and we have to support them for as long as possible. If it wasn’t a top game, there wouldn’t be a need for refurbishment.”

Thankfully, the Electrocoin after sales team is brimming with “a lot of experience and knowledge,” especially when it comes to products built to the company’s own specifications.

“Unlike many other manufacturers, when we import games, we want to have the time and sufficient amount of parts to continue supporting them in the market for many years.”

The fact that only last month Electrocoin supplied a customer in Russia with parts for a game built in the early 90s, proves that the legacy of Electrocoin’s machines – and its own refurb department – are set to continue for a long time to come.

Operators will be able to see two examples of the refurbishment work as a Bar X 7even Legacy Casino and Sit down versions will be on display at EAG on the Electrocoin stand 155.


“It’s like buying a new machine”: operators praise Electrocoin refurbishment

Arcade owners are praising the work of Electrocoin’s recently-launched refurbishment service, with Cain’s Amusements manager Bill Cain and Teen Spirit’s Tony Markou talking Coinslot about how “machines have come back like new.”


As supply chains continue to seize up ahead of what could be another busy summer for UK pleasure resorts, the longevity and reliability of top-performing amusement machines has never been more crucial for arcade operators.

Classic Bar X 7evenNo UK firm knows that better than Electrocoin, which expanded their refurbishing team, due to demand for the heritage machines, at its Cardiff workshop last June, with arcade owners across the country not hesitating to make use of the firm’s 45 years of industry experience.

“Everything seems to be going digital,” observed Tony Markou, leisure equipment controller at Teen Spirit. “But we have a hardcore of customers who are used to the analogue, reel-based machines, and what I found is that over the years the technical abilities of technicians has gone downhill.”

“A lot of the machines were in dire need of repair, so I took a gut instinct decision to purchase two BarX 7s refurbished from Electrocoin with fully updated note acceptors and they came into two businesses we have on the East coast. They have sat on the floor and contributed week in week out for the whole season, without any problems.”

With Markou observing the machines are “a guaranteed revenue stream,” he added “if I was drawing up an AGC I would keep at least 20 percent of the floor for proven reel-based legacy machines.”

“In November we sent over 12 machines down to Cardiff to Electrocoin, it was a sin to scrap them, and they’re currently going through the refurb process and they’ll come after January to go straight out on the floor.”

At Cain’s Amusements in Kent, Bill Cain also sent a number of classic cabinets to Cardiff for the Electrocoin treatment, noting the machines have already come back “like new.”

“Obviously it’s the legacy software we need to keep going in our locations, and these machines had all had a solid place on our estate, and they can help us to maintain them.”

“Without this service the machines would be less reliable. We still have over 100 Bar Xs in operation, so we’re just slowly going through them all, via Electrocoin. We need reliability, and it’s like buying a new machine.”


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