“We’ve got big plans”: Bongo’s Bingo confident of growth in 2022

Bongos Bingo confident of 2022 growth
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Experiential bingo event group Bongo’s Bingo is looking ahead to a positive 2022, as co-founder Joshua Burke observes “customer confidence is coming back quickly.”


Bongo’s Bingo has predicted that “stability is finally coming back” to the experiential entertainment economy, as sales for its January events reach 90 percent of capacity.

With “big plans” afoot for 2022, the anarchic bingo company is looking ahead to a year of growth, both within the company and in its international events schedule.

“Navigating our way through lockdowns, different restrictions and endless challenges has been incredibly tough on our business, from adapting to outdoor shows to social distancing,” co-founder Joshua Burke told business journal B Daily. “Now though we can see customer confidence is coming back quickly which is brilliant.”

“We are a very ambitious company and have got big plans for 2022. We are already investing in new staff, a bigger office, and expansion of our shows in the UK and abroad.”

With Bongo’s Bingo events built around hundreds of guests gathering to dance, drink and play bingo in far-flung destinations such as Australia, Dubai, and Ibiza, the impact of lockdown, travel restrictions and social distancing measures heavily impacted the company’s brand.

Though the group was able to bring a number of its events online and to outdoor locations such as the Unity Arena in Newcastle in August 2020, the return to inperson live events has been much-welcomed, with sales for the next two months currently at 78 percent.

“Right now I can feel the confidence coming back, but it’s not been easy,” said Johnny Bongo. “People are seeking out our kind of escapism at our shows and I think we are reaching the moment where we really have to live with this now, we can get on with the things we enjoy again.

“Nightlife and events have struggled for consistency for so long now and it feels stability is finally coming back again in terms of bookings, planning and strategy.”

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