Peter Hannibal: Operator’s Voice has been lost in unhelpful soundbites

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group APBGG report response
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Responses to the APBGG report into the Gambling Commission


The Gambling Business Group has honed in on the core issues of the APBGG report and rather than ‘hang the Commission out to dry’, the body drives focus towards a way forward and improving the treatment of its members and the industry. It recommends a Customer Charter to set out measurable commitments from the Commission in terms of minimum levels of service and response to the industry



The headlines and soundbites used to promote the Parliamentary All-Party Group’s report into the Gambling Commission were so emotive and sensationalist that all they succeeded in doing was to submerge the interests of the key audience in the debate, which is the Licensed Operators. Paradoxically the headlines were so lurid that no one got beyond them to consider the detail and evidence, which should have been the purpose of the report.

There’s absolutely no point in going to war with the Gambling Commission, particularly when it is now under new leadership. We all want a well-run regulator that’s professional and that operates to the highest standards.

The feedback we are receiving relate to the unacceptable length of time operators are having to wait in order to get their licenses processed, the length of time it’s taking to have correspondence answered and the near impossible task of speaking directly to anyone at the Commission.

Our job and the industry’s job is not to hang the Commission out to dry but rather to establish a way forward and improve the way in which our members are treated.

In terms of practical initiatives, the Gambling Business Group is happy to serve as a critical friend and to contribute to any review, which has a genuine commitment to improve the service delivered to the industry.

What’s clear is that the problem is not one of funding but one of management and a legacy of the previous leadership.

I would like to see the industry participating in the creation of a Customer Charter that sets out a list of measurable commitments and pledges in relation to the minimum levels of service and response times that operators can expect to receive when engaging with the Commission.

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