Prepare for battle: Bacta to challenge Westminster council restrictions on AGC opening hours

Bacta to challenge Westminster Council restrictions on AGC opening hours
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Westminster City Council has imposed new restrictions on AGC opening hours, prompting a potential legal challenge by Bacta.


The council has revived an old bylaw in order to provide a legal basis to restrict AGC operators’ hours. In response, Bacta has said it is working with affected businesses in the Borough and, if necessary, is prepared to take legal action to overturn the measure.

“Westminster City Council is up to its old tricks and has alongside its 330 page statement of gambling principles, (which contain some objectionable, and in our view ultra vires, policies) it has now written to AGC operators telling them to close between the hours of midnight and 9.00 am on the basis of an old bylaw that was used to regulate the travelling fair in Leicester Square in the centre of London,” explained Bacta CEO John White, who urged impacted business to contact the trade body. “We have pulled together a group to fight this and if you are affected at all please do get in touch if I haven’t already spoken to you,” he added.

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