“It’s all go here”: UK Theme Parks visits Clarence Pier

UK Theme Parks visits Clarence Pier
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UK Theme Parks paid a visit to Clarence Pier last month in order to provide theme park fans with a closed season update on the Southsea attraction.


With staff busy repairing, repainting and refurbishing rides, the theme park vlog toured the park and workshops to inspect what was going on behind the scenes.

“It’s been full steam ahead on Winter strip down,” said presenter Adam. “With both coasters stripped down and a repaint of the Log Flume there is plenty to look at.”

“Dumbos and Carousel are already complete for the new season and we will hopefully have more from the park over the coming weeks.”

The video featured updates on the Tidal Wave, Twister and Canyon River, which have all undergone a full repaint in readiness for the new season, while adding that the Dumbo ride has been moved to make the ride deck “tighter.”

Though the video was filmed not long after the park closed for the season, Adam noted “they’ve made a lot of progress” ahead of reopening this year.

“A huge thank you to the park for the invite down to take a look around behind the scenes; it’s one of my favourite things to do and I have learnt so much from my local parks.”

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