Cain’s Amusements shares what makes seaside special

Cain's Amusements Helen Mundy Herne Bay visit
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With a visit to the coast a much anticipated seasonal treat for many UK families, Cain’s Amusements has shared the account of a trip to Herne Bay from a local mother that sums up the evergreen appeal of the seaside arcade.


Mother-of-two Helen Mundy posted the enthusiastic report via Instagram on 16 December, prompting Cain’s to repost the review in order to mark the last day of term, which rounded off “one of the hardest years to go to school.”

“Yesterday we had a fabulous day trip to Herne Bay,” stated Mundy’s Instagram post. “Due to lockdown Violet-May had never been to the coast. And she LOVED it!! The carousel was her favourite part. Harriet on the other hand, gripped onto the pole so hard and didn’t let go for the whole ride!!”

“Harriet has always loved the Telly-Go-Round since she was a toddler. You have to put a coin in the machine (can even be a penny) and then a ball drops into the wheel and a character is picked to turn around. But with one of their coins they got lucky and the ball landed in Jackpot, so all the characters got to turn around.”

Mundy added that the entire family “enjoyed playing the 2p machines in the arcade (Harriet won a popit key ring and was over the moon,)” concluding the post by noting “a lovely day was had by all.”

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