Toby Hoyte: “Making ‘older better’ with the V5”

TouchTunes Soundnet v5 kit
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Toby Hoyte, Sales & Marketing Director at TouchTunes Soundnet, talks to Coinslot about turning old into gold – in his case through their V5 kit which is upgrading older jukeboxes with the bonus of the Milestone in Music package.


The call of the new is strong, particularly in a trend-led business such as our’s,” noted Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte. “However,” he was quick to add, “the costs of producing and shipping new machines is rising steadily. Covid and Brexit, higher energy bills, fewer HGV drivers, inflation – there’s a myriad of reasons why the cost of buying a new machine is going up. Meanwhile, there are many perfectly good pieces of equipment still on site or sitting in warehouses that could be earning money.”

Hence Hoyte’s solution, as he explained: “This is why Sound Leisure and Soundnet developed the V5 kit, which is invaluable for extending the life of perfectly good Sound Leisure digital jukes, by giving them the boost of a Milestones in Music package with on-demand access to the Unlimited library of 2.5 million tracks.”

One operator taking advantage of the upgrade is Richard Roberts from Independent Leisure in Norfolk.

Talking to Coinslot, Roberts said: “I have used the V5 to upgrade some older Sound Leisure equipment, where all the cabinet and technology is still good. I can literally remove the old PC and plug the kit in and, meaning there is virtually no disruption to the site. What I have seen is a significant uplift in cashbox as a result.”

And that’s music to Toby Hoyte’s ears. “The feedback we are getting from our customers is that the V5 is enabling them to upgrade their jukebox offer without the investment required with new machines,” the TouchTunes Soundnet sales and marketing director responded. “The V5 is seriously good value for money and gives older digital Sound Leisure jukeboxes a new lease of life!

“There will always be some sites that require the very latest machine but there are other venues that will benefit from an upgrade in technology and service without the necessity of scrapping what’s already there. It’s good for the planet, good for the regulars and in these uncertain times – good for the operator’s bottom line.”

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