Future4Fairgrounds reflects on “huge success” of campaign

Future4Fairgrounds reflects on huge success of campaign
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The team behind Future4Fairgrounds has reported that the first ever World Fun Fair Month last September was a “huge success,” with Showmen around the world coming together to mark the occasion.


The campaign group, which was formed in September 2020 by “six lady Showmen,” has confirmed the event will return this year, celebrating and honouring the unique shared heritage of those in the fun fair industry.

“We are delighted to report World Fun Fair Month has been a huge success and has evolved into something much bigger than we ever imagined,” co-founder Colleen Roper told the Travellers Times. “We hope it’s something that will continue to grow year on year.”

“We wanted to use World Fun Fair Month as a reason to spark a thought, start a conversation, and for others to find out more about Showmen. We wanted to raise the profile of Showmen in a positive way.”

The campaign was born after F4F identified that, unlike other Travelling communities, Showmen did not have an awareness month or a flag, and aims not only to explore the history of Showmen, but the issues faced by the community in the present day.

“You may have seen the World Fun Fair Month logo on flags and banners flying at many fairgrounds and on various social media platforms, which clearly shows the unity of the community as everyone got involved and were proud to say ‘I Am a Showman!’”

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