London Resort delays opening to 2025

London Resort delays opening to 2025
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The London Resort has pushed its opening date back from 2024 to 2025, as the £2.5bn theme park reveals a new image of its mediaeval-themed fantasy land.


The London Resort has revised its proposed opening date to 2025, as ongoing issues surrounding the site’s designation as an SSSI hamper the planning approval process.

The £2.5bn theme park had initially been slated to welcome guests in 20224, however the effect of the pandemic and environmental concerns have heavily impacted development.

“2021 to-do list is work in progress,” said a spokesperson via Twitter. “Update DCO documents, revise opening date to 2025, partner with dynamic and visionary IP brands.”

“Continue designing cutting edge unique experiences, appreciate all the support.”

The move will come as no surprise to those following the turbulent progress of the much-anticipated resort, which has faced multiple planning and procedural obstacles since a 535- acre Dartford park was first announced in 2012.

In July 2019, CEO PY Gerbeu admitted to BBC R4’s Today programme that the resort was “a troubled project,” noting “it’s been on and off, but failure is not an option.”

However, delays caused by the pandemic have significantly heightened problems in delivery, even before the Kent marshland was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest last year.

“There has not been, nor will this precipitate any material changes to our application,” said Gerbeu, responding to the SSSI. “Nor will the project be ‘materially different.’”

As well as the delayed opening date, London Resorts released a new image of the park’s mediaeval-themed land, complete with towering castle and dragons, adding a pertinent coda to its 2022 To Do list – “beware ‘hic sunt dracones’ (among other things).”

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