Sidoli acknowledges impact of EAG delay

Paolo Sidoli acknowledges impact of EAG delay
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Paolo Sidoli, the MD of Wales-based ride supplier SB Machines, has expressed his sympathy with the organisers of EAG, acknowledging the impact of Omicron on his own operations.


With significant staff-shortages across the country resulting from a rise in self-isolation demands, Sidoli observed that the impact of Coronavirus is still very keenly felt at all levels of the industry.

“There are so many people off work with the virus that all sectors are struggling to keep operative at a realistic level,” said Sidoli. “I cannot do my own work because I now have to cover for staff who are at home with it.”

“In a way, the organisers were right to postpone the EAG because exhibitors might not have been able to attend due to staff absences. It could be the case for ExCeL themselves – they must have a staff shortage.”

Though Sidoli remains positive about the long-term future of the industry once the virus has been overcome, he noted that in the short-term “one thing is for sure, prices will continue to rise across the board.”

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