Playsafe launches “game-changing” new Quantum features

Playsafe launches game changing new Quantum features
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Playsafe has unveiled two new additions to its leading Quantum management system, allowing operators real-time machine in formation and remote business data access.


Playsafe Systems has announced a series of new features developed to further enhance its ground-breaking Quantum management system.

The RealTime Alerts and Performance additions puts operators “in the driving seat,” with any-time access to both business and machine data.

“RealTime Alerts put the facts that operators need at their fingertips at the crucial time, so that they can make informed decisions when they matter,” said Playsafe sales and commercial manager Iain Lunt.

“The benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing – but RealTime Alerts are a gamechanger.”

RealTime Alerts was created in response to demand from a leading bingo operator for timely messaging to highlight unusual machine activity.

This information can be used to ensure that machine downtime is kept to an absolute minimum, as a player protection tool or to combat possible fraud, with alerts able to be created for almost all customer requirements.

Alongside RealTime Alerts, Playsafe has also introduced its Performance feature, which allows customers to access all of their key business data remotely from a mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

“Customers love the idea of getting a succinct overview of their business data from wherever they may be,” said Lunt. “Performance puts you in the driving seat.”

“Playsafe software solutions are designed specifically for the demands of this sector and can be tailored to individual company’s specific requirements,” concludes Lunt. “Do not put up with one-size-fits-all solutions – get the right tools to make your data work for you.”

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