UDC unveils new StepManiaX

UDC StepManiaX
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UDC has announced that visitors to its upcoming Park Avenue 2022 Preview event will be able to view and play the latest generation of step based ‘Exergaming’ dancing game machines; StepManiaX.


Designed for exercise, competition, and entertainment, the machine is suitable for players of all abilities from novice to expert, and represents “a step in the right direction” for operators.

“The durable design is built in a compact form factor to the highest performance standards to require minimal operator maintenance,” said a UDC spokesperson.

“The two industrial strength dance pads are dynamically lit with colour LEDs and are accompanied by a huge HD touchscreen, resulting in players no longer needing to memorise long and complex button and step combinations to access their favourite game mode or songs – all options are readily available with a swipe or tap of the screen.”

StepManiaX includes over 300 songs, and also includes online music updates available using the built in Wi-Fi networking to keep the game feeling fresh to keep dedicated players coming back for more and to upload player statistics for online competition.

Players are even able to track their individual progress and scores online using the free StepManiaX smartphone app.

“Developed by the team behind prolific music and dance games such as In the Groove, Pump It Up Pro and ReRave this game includes a whole host of innovative features whilst retaining the experience that dancing game enthusiasts have come to expect.”

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