New ride opens at Adventure Island as amusements park completes £1m investment

Adventure Island new ride Screature Tivoli MFG
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Adventure Island has updated its ride offering for the new year with the addition of Screature, following a £1m deal with Canterbury ride manufacturer Tivoli MFG.


Adventure Island has unveiled a new ride to replace its Vortex attraction, after Stockvale signed a new £1m deal with UK ride manufacturer Tivoli MFG. Screature officially opened on 23 December, and comes after owner Philip Miller visited the Canterbury- based firm in order to discuss the refurbishment of The Claw.

“My intention was to talk about a refurbishment price for the Claw ride that Tivoli made for us twenty one years ago,” Miller told the Echo. “Obviously post- Covid we had no idea how things were going to pan out this year with the dreaded bug and being subject to the whims of Boris.”

“I did not want to over commit at all. It just so happens my friend and the owner showed me the Screature ride, one he had built ready for shipping to the USA, and I sort of fell in love with it. Anyway about a million quid’s worth of debt later we shook hands on a total refurbishment for the Claw and a brand new ride!”

Adventure Island MD Mark Miller and his wife Jo were the first to test the ride on 22 December, with Philip Miller posting a video of the pair via social media.

According to the Adventure Island website the new Screature orbiter “will throw you all over the place,” providing guests with “high thrills,” while taking them “up, down, and sideways.”

“Our newest ride is not for the faint hearted – do you have what it takes to face your fears and slay the Screature?”

As well as providing a boost for the attraction, the new ride is also expected to prove beneficial to Southend’s wider tourism offer, as the sector looks to recover from the impact of the Omicron variant on public confidence.

“Any investment in the seafront, leisure and tourism offering is always welcome and especially at a time when there’s nervousness about going out,” said Kursaal councillor Matt Dent.

“It shows confidence in the sector from investors but also from the park that people will come back and we will get the crowds of visitors back here in Southend.”

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