“We had to adapt very quickly to the challenge and work harder,” says Iain Lunt which explains why Playsafe “found 2021 to be surprisingly positive”

Iain Lunt Playsafe launch Payter contactless payments
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There’s a spring in the step of Iain Lunt as Playsafe enjoyed a buoyant year – supply chain issues aside. But there’s more to come: “we have some huge plans for 2022,” he divulged, along with a swathe of orders that are currently being processed. EAG can’t come quick enough.




Coinslot: A year that opened in lockdown, staggered through to reopening, via a supply chain crisis and ending with Omicron: how will you look back on 2021?

Iain Lunt: Here at Playsafe Systems, we found 2021 to be surprisingly positive, despite the obvious challenges.

Many of our customers took the opportunity to invest in their businesses, following a disastrous 2020. By working closely with them through this process, we have emerged with a greater understanding of what they want and that has helped to shape our focus for 2022.

Coinslot: We’ve had five months since re-opening, what were your highlights of the year?

Iain Lunt: We have been really thrilled with the massive uptake in our Quantum TITO system this year. Customers have invested in the whole package, including our TA8021C gaming Paystation with chip and pin/contactless payment system. We have definitely felt that our customers are looking at the competition and upping their game.

Coinslot: 2021 has been a major challenge to the way our businesses operate. How have you risen to this challenge and what new developments are you introducing to rebuild and strengthen your operation?

Iain Lunt: Supply chain issues have affected everyone and we were no exception. We had to adapt very quickly to the challenge and work harder and look further afield to procure quality parts. We have established new and strengthened existing relationships with businesses all over the world in order to ensure that the wheels run smoothly and we can continue to meet our customers’ requirements in a timely manner.

Coinslot: What are you looking or hoping for in 2022 and what’s on your New Year’s wish list?

Iain Lunt: We have some huge plans for 2022 and our greatest hope is that our business and those of our customers can continue to trade without interruptions in the New Year and that everyone stays safe and well.

We are really looking forward to seeing our customers at EAG and showing some new developments. We also have some significant orders that we are in the process of fulfilling – which is extremely satisfying.

Our wish list also includes a continued success of our Quantum TITO/Paystation products and the successful roll out of our latest Quantum V6.2 version and RealTime Alerts.

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