Industry told to tighten up on SR and AML

SR AML Social responsibility Anit-Money Laundering Gambling Commission
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The Gambling Commission has told the industry to tighten up its compliance to social responsibility and anti-money laundering regulations.


The declaration came in the regulator’s Compliance and Enforcement Report released recently, which provides an overview of the commission’s casework over the financial year and identifies areas where the industry needs to ‘raise standards’. The report revealed that throughout the 2020-2021 financial year, the regulator revoked the licence of one operator and nine personal management licence holders, whilst also suspending the licences of five additional operators. Furthermore, 15 betting and gaming businesses paid a total of £32.1 million in fines and regulatory statements, more than in any previous year.

“As the Commission’s new Chief Executive, I am impressed by the amount of enforcement work carried out, but it is also disappointing that it should be necessary,” stated Andrew Rhodes. “Looking back at enforcement in 2020/21 we see the same two weaknesses in almost every case – operators failing to adhere to social responsibility and anti-money laundering rules.”

He concluded, however, that “the industry has the resources, skills and knowledge to change this”.

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