Reflex embrace the ‘new normal’ in readiness for ‘significant opportunities’ ahead

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming 2021 review
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With a ‘strong order book and significant opportunities ahead’, Quentin Stott is moving into 2022 with a positive outlook, but there’s a constant check sideways at the Omicron fall-out. Avoiding lockdown, he argues, is something industry needs to avoid.



A year that opened in lockdown, staggered through to reopening, via a supply chain crisis and ending with Omicron: how will you look back on 2021?

Quentin Stott: 2021 has certainly thrown up some significant challenges, however the fact that we’ve been able to get back into work and start trading again is a massive step forwards from being in lockdown at the beginning of the year.

I’ll look back over the past 12 months as a year which saw us reopen in a very different manner to how we used to operate, with some staff working from home or hybrid working, coupled with trying to deal with a hugely disrupted supply chain.

It is different now, but our order book is strong and there are some significant opportunities ahead, provided of course that Omicron and other variants don’t send us all in the wrong direction again.

Coinslot: We’ve had five months since re-opening, what were your highlights of the year?

Quentin Stott: My highlight has been seeing people again. In business, colleagues, suppliers and customers, many of which I’ve known for decades. On a personal level, seeing family, friends and getting back out to pubs and restaurants again has been a real boost.

Coinslot: 2021 has been a major challenge to the way our businesses operate. How have you risen to this challenge and what new developments are you introducing to rebuild and strengthen your operation?

Quentin Stott: We’ve moved with the times and have allowed home or hybrid working where possible. This is proving to be much more successful than I would have imagined prior to the pandemic.

With supplier lead times having been so disrupted, we’ve committed to purchasing components far further ahead than we’ve ever had to before, ensuring we can meet demand for our products going forwards.

We have also recruited some new personal to help us adapt to the challenges and opportunities facing us into 2022 and beyond.

Coinslot: What are you looking or hoping for in 2022 and what’s on your New Year’s wish list?

Quentin Stott: My main hope is that we are not forced to lockdown again.

With some scientists saying that we’re still closer to the beginning of the pandemic than the end, I sincerely hope that the vaccine program continues to prevent a dangerous spike in serious illness and hospitalisation so that we can continue to drive our businesses forward under the new normal.


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