Escape Entertainment counts the cost of Plan B measures

Escape Entertainment Chorley Plan B
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The owner of Escape Entertainment Venue in Chorley has claimed the bowling and mini golf attraction lost £7,000 in bookings within 48 hours of the government’s Plan B announcement.


Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Ian Kearney told presenters that new restrictions requiring mask use “in most public indoor venues” prompted a wave of Christmas party cancellations.

“Even during the briefing we were receiving phone calls for cancellations,” said owner Ian Kearney. “Given we are a hospitality venue we weren’t listed in the briefing, it was primarily for venues such as cinemas and theatres etc. and those with 400 capacity.”

“The following morning the detail came out on the government website which then included indoor entertainment venues such as our’s. It’s sort of ironic that one has to wear a mask when you cross the steps, but don’t have to wear a mask when you’re sat in the restaurant or having a drink at the bar.”

Describing the “huge” financial impact of the announcement, Kearny added “it comes on the back of a six-figure loss last year because of all the Covid measures that were in place.”

“Of course, as a business, we want to ensure we comply with the measure that the government puts in place, but it does become a challenge now to ensure our guests know what’s going on day by day.”

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