Happy New Year: New EU import laws coming into effect 1 January

EU import laws coming into effect from 1st Jan
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A series of new laws governing imports from the EU come into effect on 1 January, including a range of declaration requirements and customs checks.


New rules regarding the import of goods from the EU are set to come into effect as of 1 January 2022, including full import declaration requirements and customs checks at the point of entry.

The new regulations, which will likely cause a series of knock-on costs and delays for suppliers and manufacturers, are the latest in a series of measures introduced as the UK navigates post-Brexit trade.

“Ports and other border locations will be required to control goods moving [between] Great Britain and the EU,” stated the government. “This means that unless your goods have a valid declaration and have received customs clearance, they will not be able to be released into circulation, and in most cases will not be able to leave the port.”

“From 1 January 2022, your goods may be directed to an Inland Border Facility for documentary or physical checks if these checks cannot be done at the border. It’s important that those involved in transporting your goods are ready and understand how you intend to operate from January 2022.”

Full import declarations will be required on all goods, while deferments under the temporary Staged Customs Controls rules, including CFSP (EIDR), will end at the end of this year, with supplementary declarations only applicable if authorised by HMRC.

Customs checks will apply to all imported EU goods, with key focus on commodity codes, product origin and product valuation, with imports required to meet “the product specific rules of origin requirements set out in the TCA.”

The GVMS will also go live as of January, with all transport providers needing to be registered and responsible for inputting customs entry numbers prior to leaving the EU through non-inventory linked locations.

“Further changes will be introduced from July 2022, which we’ll let you know more about nearer the time. These will include requirements for full safety and security declarations for all imports [and] new requirements for Export Health Certificates.”

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