GeWeTe has installed more TITO system and debit card options than ever before

Mark Edmundson at ACOS 2021 review
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When other companies opted to reduce their offering during lockdown GeWeTe did the opposite and expanded the product portfolio. The decision came up trumps with the market responding positively to being offered a greater degree of choice and the opportunity to reduce cash handling on site and increase the security of staff.




Coinslot: A year that opened in lockdown, staggered through to reopening, via a supply chain crisis and ending with Omicron: how will you look back on 2021?

Mark Edmundson: Of course 2021 has been an incredibly challenging year, but it’s one that we have survived and I think one that we’ve grown from as a result.

GeWeTe took the opportunity during lockdown to expand our product range and add new features for the existing install base. Operators are now looking to reduce cash handling on site, improve customer service and increase the security of both staff and the cash within the site, something GeWeTe is able to deliver across the product portfolio.

Coinslot: We’ve had five months since reopening, what were your highlights of the year?

Mark Edmundson: With less cash in general circulation and the fact that we have all become accustomed to using card payments have resulted in an increase in the number of sites being converted to TITO using our MARS Ticket and Data capture system.

We’ve also seen the expansion of debit card for ticket transactions on more and more of our machines.

Coinslot: 2021 has been a major challenge to the way our businesses operate. How have you risen to this challenge and what new developments are you introducing to rebuild and strengthen your operation?

Mark Edmundson: I’m proud to say and I genuinely believe that GeWeTe has risen to the challenge not least by offering and installing more TITO system and debit card options than ever before.

For the sports betting sector we have added the Cash Center Backloader to our range offering a through the wall 24/7 service to customers, with all cash handling taking place behind the scene thereby enhancing security.

GeWeTe has also extended the options that PC based machines can offer which now include wallet applications thereby offering operators more choice and enabling them to provide their players with more choice.

Coinslot: What are you looking or hoping for in 2022 and what’s on your New Year’s wish list?

Mark Edmundson: We are launching some exciting new models at EAG and ICE London, and the entire GeWeTe team is looking forward to demonstrating the expanded range to both existing and to the many new customers that we hope to meet at what are the most important exhibitions catering for the UK and Irish markets.

Customer care is hugely important to the GeWeTe brand and in order to maintain the very high standards that we set, we are growing the team with the addition of two new people who will be joining us in January.

Similarly, our colleagues in Italy and Spain are also increasing their headcount as the reputation of the GeWeTe brand grows across the international gambling landscape. As for our wish list – it can only be no more lockdowns!!

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