Industry aligns on B3 limit setting

Tony Boulton Miles Baron Industry aligns on B3 limits
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The industry is taking a unified approach to time and money limits on B3 machines with key stakeholders meeting last week to step up a review on new safer gambling tools and limits.


Representatives of the manufacturing and operating community, together with the Bingo Association and bookmaker machine suppliers met with Bacta last week to resume work on aligning a new limit setting standard for B3 machines, which was delayed due to the pandemic.

The work will ensure players are provided with a powerful new safer gambling tool, currently available only in bookmakers and a limited number or other venues including casinos and bingo halls. B3 machines from June next year will all offer the player the opportunity to set time and money limits before they begin to play. If they chose not to then default limits of £150 and 20 minutes will be applied. Once a player is reminded that their limit has been reached, they will be able to either cash out or play on. “There has been a long gestation period for this important new player protection measure, which pre-Covid, we had hoped to have in place by June 30 of this year. But it will now be full speed ahead in order to make sure everyone is in line and doing the same thing from next June” said MERKUR UK’s Tony Boulton, Chair of Bacta’s manufacturing and distribution Division. “Bacta is currently reviewing all its technical and other standards to ensure they meet the needs of today’s industry with player protection very much at the forefront of our thinking. It is good to get this one under the belt following launch of the updated Dataport standard and submission of a safer gambling product design code to the Gambling Commission in November.”

Bingo Association Chief Executive Miles Baron added: “Cross industry initiatives such as this are an important part of the work we do. Industry standards, available and suitable for all on non-competitive issues such as social responsibility, enhance and drive the positive reputation our industry by protecting players. It is a reputation that has been carefully cultivated over many decades and is something which remains vitally important.”

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