London Resort to go ahead with “subtle changes” after SSSI designation

London Resort to go ahead with subtle changes
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The CEO of the London Resort has stated the recent designation of Swanscombe Peninsula as an SSSI will not cause “any material changes” in the firm’s proposals to build on the site.


PY Gerbeau responded to the “erroneous” decision by Natural England by stating the £2.5bn will go ahead as planned, with only “subtle changes” to its green infrastructure model.

“The decision to notify the site as a SSSI elevates the importance of certain features in the ecological baseline, which will be recognised in the assessment of impacts,” said Gerbeu.

“However, based on our comprehensive approach for investment in the site, alongside a complementary off-site investment strategy we are confident that together, we will establish a statement of common ground.”

The Kent marshland was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest after researchers discovered 1,700 invertebrate species living in the area, prompting concerns for investors as to whether the project would be granted full planning permission from the government.

“There has not been, nor will this precipitate any material changes to our application, nor will the project be ‘materially different,’” added Gerbeu.

“Changes to the design in response to the SSSI designation are limited to subtle changes in the green infrastructure strategy to preserve a greater area of notified habitat outside of the resort.”

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