Brighton Palace Pier opens Starlings Roost observation post

Brighton Palace Pier starling murmuration observation
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Brighton Palace Pier has unveiled a new ornithological attraction on its pier boardwalk, with a new cafe and observation post for those keen to watch the evening murmurations of starlings over the pier.


The Starlings Roost, opened by MP Caroline Lucas on 25 November, is the result of the pier working alongside local artists, photographers and wildlife charities to celebrate the seasonal visitors.

“Brighton’s starling murmurations have been hugely popular with locals and visitors to the city for decades,” said CEO Anne Ackord. “So it made sense to invite a local group of passionate starling enthusiasts and photographers, who assemble every night in winter to watch the murmurations, to work with the Pier to honour these special birds.”

“We hope the public enjoy our new free exhibit, learn about starling conservation, help raise awareness, and share photos and videos of the starlings on their social media platforms.”

The observation post allows visitors to watch a live stream from a night vision camera beneath the pier to observe roosting, and features artwork by local photographers, information boards, and kids’ activities.

“It was a real pleasure to open Starlings Roost on Brighton’s Palace Pier, not only to celebrate our local starling murmuration which brings so much joy to the city, but also to help highlight dwindling numbers of these incredible birds, and how we can all help them survive in the future,” added Lucas.

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