Into the Valley: Harry Levy to deliver Jet-Pong novelty into the UK

Harry Levy Jet Pong IAAPA
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Harry Levy has signed an exclusive agreement that will bring Valley-Dynamo’s successful Jet-Pong novelty game into the UK market.


The deal was sealed at IAAPA 2021 a fortnight ago and also offers Harry Levy entry rights into the European market.

Jet Pong Harry LevyOne of the highlights of IAAPA, Jet-Pong is an innovative table-top ball game for 1 or 2 players which has been creating waves in the US this year. The novelty piece represents a new avenue for Harry Levy on home soil; the game has proved extremely successful not just in FECs, but also in bars, barcades and, most importantly, bowling alleys, a sector which is now blossoming once again on the British high street.

Harry Levy sales manager Geoff Spencer noted: “We’ve been looking for this kind of product for a while and Jet-Pong has made a really strong impact in venues. It seems a perfect fit for the UK and we’re looking forward to taking it to EAG in January.”

Jet-Pong units will start shipping out in the new year, with Harry Levy already selling units into UK venues just days after the exclusive agreement was signed, as Spencer confirmed: “Jet-Pong is new to the UK market but we’ve sold a number since returning from IAAPA. It’s got a solid track record as a top money earner in the US and it’s a novelty game that catches the attention and the players. We’re confident it will make its mark in venues over here.”

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