Gambling GVA still down on 2019 according to DCMS figures

Gambling GVA down
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Publication of the latest economic estimates for DCMS sectors has revealed an ongoing decline in monthly GVA across the UK gambling industry over the last three years.


Chained volume measures fell from £691m per month during September 2019, to £686m in September 2020, and to £682m for the same month this year.

“These estimates of monthly GVA are more timely estimates than our annual figures, though are less accurate,” reads the report, published this month.

“These estimates are based on incomplete information and should only be used to illustrate general trends, rather than be taken as definitive measures.”

Though the industry performed steadily in the short term, with monthly GVA up 3.6 percent from May to September this year, the figures reveal a wider downward trend, with overall sector GVA falling 2.9 percent from June 2019 to June 2021.

However, the recent increase offers an encouraging indication of the industry’s recovery from the impact of the pandemic, especially when compared with overall figures.

“Reported DCMS sector GVA is estimated to have grown by 2.4 percent from Quarter 2 (April to June) to Quarter 3 (July to September) in real terms,” noted DCMS.

“By comparison, the whole UK economy grew by 1.3 percent from Quarter 2 to Quarter 3.”

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